Our Facilities

        The process of selecting and reserving school space for your use requires you to specify the following:
  • the school
  • the space you want to use
  • the date, or dates, and time you want to use the space.
You must also read the applicable rules and regulations and complete an application form.
  Gym space requests must be submitted quarterly and meet the following deadlines:

Use dates Request deadline* Notification by
Fall Use (Aug 16-Nov 15) August 1 August 20
Winter Use (Nov 16-March 15) October 1 October 20
Spring Use (Mar 16-June 15) February 1 February 20
Summer Use (June 16-Aug 15) May 1 May 20

* Permits will be accepted at all times, however, if the deadline is not met,
space will be allocated to the group on a "space available" basis.

Permit Priorities
Access to space is determined using the prioritization shown below:

First Priority MPS K-12 program (including athletics)
Second Priority MPS Community Education programs
Third Priority Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board programs (MPRB)
Fourth Priority Community groups and organizations
Fifth Priority For-profit organizations and individuals